About Mark – Mentoring Leadership Teams, Leaders, & Entrepreneurs

Mark Abbott has significant senior executive, investor and advisory/board experience with start-ups, early stage and small to mid-sized companies.  Mark’s background includes helping build and later running Heller Financial’s industry leading merchant banking platform which he grew from less than $2 billion and about 120 employees to almost $5 billion with more than 200 employees.  Mark was also a senior partner of a successful middle-market oriented private equity firm and the founding CEO of a quarter billion dollar commercial finance company.  Mark’s investor experiences include $12+ billion in leveraged loans to 450+ companies, direct private equity investments in 100+ companies (2.5+ times return on monies invested), and investing in 40+ different private equity funds.   Mark’s board experiences include serving as Chairman of the Board of five companies, board level positions on an additional eight, and a number of advisory board positions.

Mentoring Leadership Teams

While Mark enjoys the lending and investing businesses, his deep passion is helping build scalable and enduring businesses and helping other entrepreneurs build theirs.  Consequently, Mark dedicates a significant amount of his time to helping entrepreneurial management teams as either a coach, an advisor and/or an angel investor. Several years ago, while acting as an interim COO, Mark had what he calls “the great fortune” of being an EOS client and he was “so blown away by how simple, holistic and utterly effective the EOS system is” that he decided the best way for him to support entrepreneurial leadership teams build strong, scalable and enduring businesses was for him to become an EOS Implementer and teach entrepreneurial leadership teams how to master the EOS system.

Core Beliefs

Like most successful senior executives, Mark has developed some Core Beliefs that underlie his successes.  Mark’s Core Beliefs have led him to focus on working with, or investing in, CEO’s and/or Leadership Teams who:

  • have and believe in the power of a compelling vision,
  • want to build businesses that will endure well beyond their stewardship,
  • endeavor to surround themselves with the right people in the right seats;
  • are open to taking a disciplined, systems based, and transparent approach to building and running their business; and
  • would love to keep things simple.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mark if these Core Beliefs resonate with you and you find yourself frustrated with your business or you just know that your business can be so much more than it currently is.